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2017 Tucson show preview!

After the first of the year our full attention tuns to preparing for the Tucson shows. We set up at four different venues during our three week stay. There never seems to be enough time to get everything organized, but we always manage somehow!

As our caravan of vehicles approaches Tucson, I know we are getting close when I see this sign.

I know it is time to get to work when I see this sign.

Though a little dated, this property has been a great venue for this show over the years. This year some new challenges have come up. Parking has always been a little difficult. With U-Haul buying the lot used by dealers, we are not sure what this year holds.

Wholesale is the first location to open for business. Our wholesale venue has moved across the street to 1801 Oracle Rd. The Sun Gemstone dealer compound will be our new wholesale home. You can see the old building in the background of the photo.

The old La Fuente restaurant is just across Lester St to the south.

Graham and the rest of his team have been busy the last few weeks getting the new digs organized. The plan is to be open for business on the 22nd of January. They will easily be ready by then!

There will be both wholesale and retail keystone sales at this location. Both booth units will be stocked with pallets of new material. Graham has shipped in a new container load of specimens from both China and Africa for this show. The keystone room will have thousands of new specimens recently marked down for this show. Be sure to shop early and often!

The first semi-load has already been delivered and is on the shelves there.

Graham and Craig will be there from the 22nd of January till the 10th of February to help you. The new address is 1801 Oracle Rd. Craig's Phone is 303-908-8796 and Graham's is 720-318-8933 if you have any questions.

Our retail locations start to open soon after wholesale. The show at the Hotel Tucson City Center officially opens on the 28th. We are usually ready a day early.

We have several new collections acquired since the Denver show to debut there. The amethyst in the following photo was acquired just before the Denver show and is one of the best we have had available.

Suite 170 has been our home at the Hotel Tucson City Center show since Marty started it. It is a great base for our operation in Tucson until the main show opens. This is where the early action is and where collectors need to be to find the best specimens. 

Specimens like this Copper Queen azurite & malachite will make it's show debut in room 170.

The collections we have acquired are very diverse and had many fine specimens. Any collector will find something for that fits their taste and budget!

If you cannot get to Tucson before early February, we will be opening at the Westward Look Resort show on the 3rd. We will have many specimens displayed here for the first time as well. This is where all the dealers put their best foot forward!

Steve puts in an amazing display at this show. Our latest and best minerals always debut here. There will be several tourmaline specimens from the Gerhard Wagner collection out for the first time, as well as some top specimens from the Dave Matak collection acquired just after the Denver Show. You will want to make Suite 311 your first stop at the Fine Mineral Show at the Westward Look this year!

The show theme for the main show at the Tucson Convention Center is Midwest Minerals. This should make for some beautiful displays. The opportunity to see some of the specimens at the club show is once in a lifetime and should not be missed. From top collectors vying for the Desautels Trophy, to museum displays of minerals that rarely leave the museum, every year is a rare opportunity. 

There has been a floor plan change for the 2017 show. Unfortunately, the chandeliers will not be above our booth anymore. They are a little worse for the wear after a few years of service. The booth will be shifted 90 degrees as well. I guess that's progress! Please stop by to see what Steve is dreaming up for this years booth. It should be exciting as always.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the show. Steve's cell # is 303-885-6885 and Richard's is 303-918-5112. The funnest part of every show is getting to visit with all of our friends, old and new. Each year is a new adventure and we look forward to the 2017 shows with great excitement! We know we have the rocks and the personnel, but who knows what fun challenges are waiting for us. 

We hope to see all of you there!

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