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Wholesale Minerals

~ History ~

  The Collector's Edge Minerals, Inc. has been a primary source of mineral specimens to retail dealers for over two decades. Our worldwide mining projects, overseas specimen lot purchases, and large mineral collection purchases have yielded literally hundreds of thousands of attractive mineral specimens which have been sold at wholesale prices to dealers around the globe. While most mineral collectors associate the Collector's Edge with the very finest in crystallized mineral specimens, hundreds of business owners have come to rely on CEMI as a source of profitable inventory.

~ Contact Information ~

  CEMI-Wholesale is located in Golden, Colorado, USA. We have tens of thousands of wholesale mineral specimens available for sale at any given time and would welcome your visit to our facilities whenever you are traveling to the Denver area. We are open to wholesale customers by appointment, with typical office hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. We are, however, more than willing to schedule appointments on Saturday and/or Sunday as your business travel plans necessitate.

To schedule an appointment to shop at CEMI-Wholesale, please contact Graham Sutton at 303-915-4645 or Craig Wibirt  at 303-908-8796 or you can contact us via

~ Gem & Mineral Show Schedule ~

Graham says this way to BIG savings!


Second Year!
~East Coast Gem & Mineral Show~

August 12th though the 14th, 2016
Hours: 10-6 Friday & Saturday, 10-5 Sunday
Better Living Building

Eastern States Exposition Center
1305 Memorial Ave.
West Springfield, MA

~ Denver Gem and Mineral Show - Fall 2016 ~

September 12th - September 17th, 2016
8:00 am to 5:00 pm - Daily
Appointments available for off hours and Sunday the 18th
CEMI-Warehouse, Golden, Colorado
(Contact us for Directions!)

Tucson 2016 ~ 

              Jan 27th Thru Feb 13th, 2016 Wholesale Outlet
1820 Oracle Tucson, AZ
Graham: 303-915-4645

Hours 8-5pm-Daily

January 30th- February 13th, 2016
InnSuites Hotel - Lobby Room, 
475 N. Grananda Ave at St. Mary's, Tuscon, Arizona

~ Denver Spring - 2016 ~

Dates to be Announced
8:00 am to 5:00 pm - Daily
Sunday by appointment!
CEMI-Warehouse, Golden, Colorado
(Contact us for Directions!) 

~ Policies ~

We value the business of our CEMI-Wholesale customers. Our goal is to be a consistent, reliable supplier of quality mineral specimens at price points and profit margins which meet the needs of our customers.

In order to establish a business account with CEMI-Wholesale a buyer will need to be able to provide the following credentials:

  • A valid Sales Tax License from the state in which the business is located.
  • A Business Card reflecting the buyers name, business name, address, and phone number.
  • A completed Resale Certificate (CEMI will supply the form) which certifies that the buyer is in the business of buying and selling mineral specimens and/or associated lapidary products.
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