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We Buy Minerals

We Buy Mineral Collections!

Our Track Record

The Collector's Edge Minerals has acquired numerous, important private mineral collections during the past two decades and has successfully found 'good homes' for specimens in museums and private collections around the globe. These collections have varied in size from dozens to thousands of specimens.

Collector's Edge Minerals has the purchasing power to acquire major, private mineral collections. Our company President and other collection acquisition specialists travel the globe to evaluate and purchase quality mineral collections. Specimens from these collections are prepared for sale to both the retail and wholesale market segments. Over the last three years we have acquired all or significant portions of several dozen major mineral collections.

  • Dr. Stephen Neely Collection
  • Academy of Natural Sciences Collection (Philadelphia)
  • Norman and Roslyn Pellman Collection
  • Mel and Grace Dyck Collection
  • Martin Zinn III Collection
  • Frank Wood Collection
  • Tom Weisner Collection
  • Valentin Sicker Collection
  • Alex Papp Collection
  • Ken Holman Collection
  • Forrest Cureton Collection
  • Uli Bahmann ' Tsumeb Collection

Why Contact the Collector's Edge First?

The Collector's Edge Minerals has built a solid reputation for working fairly and honestly with individuals from whom we have purchased mineral collections. The Collector's Edge Minerals is discreet. If you would prefer not to have your name associated with the collection as specimens are marketed and sold ' no problem! The Collector's Edge Minerals has personnel capable of quickly and accurately evaluating the current market value of mineral collections. Our expertise eliminates the hassle of making your collection (and home/office) available to visitors for long periods of time. The Collector's Edge Minerals has the logistical expertise to rapidly pack and transport collections after they have been purchased. The Collector's Edge Minerals has successfully acquired major private mineral collections in foreign countries, as well as the United States. The Collector's Edge Minerals has the financial wherewithal to handle the acquisition of large mineral collections. The Collector's Edge Minerals has the specimen preparation, marketing, and sales acumen to successfully sell large and/or important collections.

Whom to Contact?

If you have a high-quality mineral collection to sell ...
Please contact Bryan K. Lees. Bryan can be reached at or 303-278-9724 / Extension #11.

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