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4. Amazonite & Smoky Quartz

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4. Amazonite & Smoky Quartz

SKU: 07-0050-9875
Lake George area, Teller County, Colorado

Price: $40,000.00 (USD) 

The Collector’s Edge has been mining amazonite and smoky quartz specimens from numerous claims in the Pike’s Peak region in central Colorado since 1984.     Digging for these remarkable specimens is undertaken for several months each summer and the trimming/cleaning of the recovered specimens goes on in the Collector’s Edge laboratory year-round.   Amazonite and Smoky Quartz specimens from the Pike’s Peak region are highly prized for the fantastic contrast of color and form between the blocky, blue-green crystals of amazonite and the lustrous, prismatic dark brown crystals of smoky quartz.


Due to tremendous pressures inherent in the formation of crystal pockets within the pegmatites of the Pike’s Peak batholith, many pockets have undergone a violent, explosive rupture phase which breaks the amazonite and smoky quartz crystals from the pocket walls and deposits them in a jumble of crystals and shards on the floor of the cavity.   Subsequent weathering and pocket collapse over nearly 1 billion years of geologic time have further disrupted these pegmatite crystal pockets.   Thus nearly 100% of the large miniature to cabinet sized specimens of amazonite/smoky quartz from the Pike’s Peak region require some measure of repair or restoration.  This specimen has 3 repairs and 3 areas of restoration.

Several characteristics make this specimen exceptional.  The color of the amazonite is an amazing deep blue-green and the smoky quartz is a rich, dark brown.  The smoky quartz crystals are lustrous and gemmy. The aesthetics of this specimen are “off-the-charts” good … one could not ask for a better balance and arrangement of the smoky quartz and amazonite crystals.  Overall the specimen is in tremendous condition.   In any mining season, we are fortunate to find a half-dozen specimens as good as this piece.   If you have been waiting for just the right amazonite/smoky quartz combo specimen to come along, you will not want to miss this piece!    

Dreamtime Claim
Lake George District
Teller County